Friday, July 20, 2018

The Shed And Garden

We've been doing work on our yard ever since we moved in, in 2013. First came the curbing and grass, which we loved! Then trees and flowers. Dustin even crafted some stone planter's boxes in the front! His last two projects have been really big and time consuming. 

Last fall he decided it was time to build his shed. He couldn't take not having one any longer. We fit 3 cars in our garage, but we had a 4 wheeler, snow plow attachment,  deep freezer, bikes, scooters, wagon, and tolls and lawn care items. We needed a shed! He started it mid August. I didn't think to take a picture until it was mostly done:

He found a nice spot in the corner by all the other neighbor's sheds. I'm pretty sure the neighbor's thought this would be an ordinary brown shed, but they were wrong. We wanted it to be pretty and have a pop of color. We decided on a gray-blue, so we thought. We ended up with this:

 It is bright, but with the wood accents, we loved it. Our neighbors? Not so much. One even asked if there was a sale on blue paint...oh, well. We love how it turned out. My favorite are the barn doors Dustin made himself!

This summer Dustin decide it was time to build our garden box. In our last home, he made a few small ones for me. Since our yard is bigger, we allotted a certain area as "garden" when we were planning out our yard. I love how it turned out! Dustin is so handy and loves to build things. I'm grateful I get to benefit from that love!!

 He used pine and corrugated tin. He treated pine to be weather proof.

 We also put solar lights in the corner. It looks pretty at night.

The shed and garden make a great combo. We stained the garden box to match the planter's box on the window of the shed.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Merrits at Manti

It's been a long time since we were at the Manti Pageant. Dustin and i decided we would take the kids and have a quick little summer trip. Manti is a small town south of us. Every year it does a pageant on the temple grounds about the Book of Mormon. They have fun vendors and little shops. We decided to spend our day at the city pool. Our kids love to be in the water and it was hot!

They let us enter the temple grounds at 6 pm. So once we claimed our spots, we walked around the temple grounds and took some pictures. The pageant started at dusk, around 9:30. It lasts around 2 hours, so we finished around 11:30. tool late to drive home, so we had a motel room. 

Everything in Manti is vintage. We ate dinner at a cute diner. It was yummy! I love all the old homes. You can tell which ones were original settler's homes because they are made out the same stone as the temple. It's always fun to get away form the daily routines. Glad we could make this little memory. 

 Aaron's shirt cracked me up walking through this small town. he had several men stop him and tell them they love it! Crazy!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Lagoon 2018

Dustin's work had a a summer work party at Lagoon. It's been a while since we have been. the kids were excited! Everyone but Kate. She doesn't like big rides. We told her she could just hang out with Dad, me, and Britten on the small rides. She did. She was a good sport about it! It was long day, but a fun day!!

I road Cannibal for the very first time ever! I would have loved to ride it again, but Dustin and I were taking turns with the bigger kids. It was Britten's first time that he could remember. He was unsure at first about any of the rides, but by the day's end, he was loving it!! HE keeps asking if we can go back and ride the helicopters. I guess those were his favorite.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Softabll Champs

Because of my new job, life has been pretty hectic. I wasn't able to be to as many of Kate's games for soft ball this year. She ended up on a team with 18 year-olds because they didn't have many girls sign up. I know she was discouraged, but this girl learned a lot because there was so much more expected of her. She improved in all things. But most important, that I saw, was a change in attitude. She matured as she watched these older girls not get upset with themselves if they weren't perfect. They didn't get mad when another teammate was struggling. they cheered each other on and encouraged one another. Being 14 can be rough, especially is you're still learning new things. But, Kate listened and learned, even though it was hard sometimes. I'm so proud of her and her team! They worked hard even when they were losing. In the end, they were crowned the league champs! It was an awsome thing to witness! Way to go Lightning!! 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Snapshots of February

I had quite a few pictures that I loved from this month. All having a little sentimental value, life lesson, or just being super cute. I just want to remember them for forever.

1) Britten is getting so big! He's 5 now, but he's starting to mature and be ready for school. He is learning what it means to choose the right, and understand he needs to! He loves army guys right now and my living room is a constant war zone! He and Becca have this love hate relationship. they fight like siblings, but they love being together!

2) We got a couple snapshots from Elder Merritt. He sent us Happy Valenine's greeting from the beach. And the other I know was just for me. he know's I like different photos. Here he is finishing up a hard day of proselyting.

3) I made dessert for my sister's invite to Sunday dinner. I forgot to grease the bundt pan.  I think most would've chosen to not take the cake, but I did. I messed up, but it was still good. It is a perfect representation of my life right now. A little messy and ugly, but still good!

4) Life is currently hard for me. I'm trying to figure out this working full time thing. And learning what I need to know all at the same time! It's been a stretching experience for sure. But, I'm grateful for each new day, when it begins and ends, and that I have another one to live and learn- even when it's snowy!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Last Day of Daycare and New Adventure For Me

I started a new job on February 15th. I am going to be a hostess for Perry Homes Utah. Basically, I sit in the model and give out information on homes and let them tour the model. Because I'm not a real estate agent, I'm not allowed to give prices or anything like that. I am, however, in the process of getting my license. I decided that I wanted to to pursue this career last summer. I started taking classes, and now I'm almost done and ready to take my exam. I talked to Jeff about working for Perry. he was all for it. I'm grateful for the hook-up!

I still work at the daycare every now and then until they can find a new teacher for the preschool class. I have mixed emotions. I'm excited to start something new, but I will miss these kids. Britten has known them since they were all little. He's really sad to not be coming back...

I'm excited to be able to be home with him and take him out of an environment that he struggled in a lot of days. He loved it, but he sure was naughty!! 

So here's to new beginnings and a new adventure!! I'm scared to death!!!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

She Popped Her Kneecap

 With having 6 kids, you would think I would have more headlines like this. Becca was dancing in her room last night-she was supposed to be cleaning- and we heard the most horrifying screams from the basement. We got down there, and Becca's kneecap was on the side of her knee. Poor girl was in the most pain I'd seen in any of my kids! We were loading her in the car and she said, "Mom, I'm sorry. I was dancing instead of cleaning." I wanted to cry for her! 1)Why would she be worried about that? 2)Some lessons are learned the hard way. They got her to the hospital and popped it back into place. Dustin said it was worse that the scream when she fell! She wanted to go to school the following day, but we told her she needed to rest. If you know Becca, she's always ready to conquer something. She'll have to do it in a brace the next three weeks!!!