Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thankful for Kind Hearts and Our Hole

We have been living with Dustin's parents for three weeks now. I feel bad we have invaded their space, but I know they really don't mind, too much. I am so grateful for their generous hearts. The other day at work a co-worker asked how I was adjusting. I told her we are doing well, it's just hard being homeless.
She looked at me and said, "Girl, you don't know what homeless is!" I was afraid I had offended her. She laughed and explained to me that when she was first separated from her ex-husband she was living in her sisters backyard in her broken down car. I thought how awful!! She also explained to me that if she and her sister were fighting, her sister wouldn't allow her in to bathe. Wow!!
My attitude did a 180! How grateful I am to have two bedrooms, our own bathroom, a camping trailer for the boys to sleep in, and that my in-laws gave us a key! I truly have nothing to complain about!! It could be much worse.
We are excited to see that they have dug a hole in our lot. It's good to know that soon we will have a place to call our own. Until then, we will just be grateful for family who are willing to lovingly take all 8 of us in!!!
Our corner lot. We now officially have a hole!!