Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Highlights

The time can drag on forever in the winter. Boy, do I feel it! I am not used to having no sun for long periods of time, it is rather depressing. I love the sun! I love the warmth! February is anything but those. It is right in the middle of cold season for Utah. Because of this, we must see all the positive and look for things to keep us happy. Here are a few things that brightened our days in a cold winter month!

1. We sure love getting letters from Elder Merritt! We also will get random texts from people he is eating dinner with. They make the ordinary days brighter.

2. Even though it's cold, we try to make it outside. I love the sunsets!

3. Becca's winter concert. She plays the trumpet just like her sisters, just like my dad!

4. We took some of the kids bowling. Grace and Becca were with their friends, but Kate, Aaron, and Britten went with us. It was Britten's first time that he remembered, and he loved it. We took a selfie, but Aaron wasn't having any of it. "Mom's don't take selfies."

5. We ended the month by adding to our bunch. Grace had to take care of a robot baby for Child Development. She was little paranoid about everything. I didn't know how to take care of babies and Dustin almost broke a toe by teasing her too much that he was going to drop it. Good times! Glad it's over!!

Lots of eventful things to make the dull a little more exciting!! We're pretty much ready for spring!!