Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mama Grace

I was really worried about how my older kids would be with a new baby in the house. Boy, was I ever worrying about nothing! They are all smitten! Who wouldn't be? Have you seen our cute baby?
He's getting so chunky!
I have been really surprised with Grace. I knew she'd love him, but it amazes me how natural her mother instinct is. She's a natural!! And Britten has really taken to her. If I'm not feeding him, then she's right there to ask, "Can I hold him? Can I hold him?" I have had to implement the rule: the baby can only be held if he's awake. He will sleep all day long being held by her- it's not great for his schedule, or mine!
there have been a couple times I've come to my room to find the baby gone. I wander looking for him. I have always found him in Grace's arms.
It has been so helpful to have a little helper!!