Saturday, March 2, 2013

6 Weeks In

I had a baby six weeks ago. time has seemed to fly, but then it doesn't (does that make sense?). I get asked often how we are all adjusting. Here's a quick run down.
He is doing great! A new job and a new baby turned his world upside down, at first, but now he's adjusted. I felt awful the first day of his new job. We were sitting on the bed talking and he was crying, wondering what he had just done. He gave up his dream job for us! I love him for it, and a bunch of other things! When it comes to Britten, it's just like the last 5 times. Hands down, Dustin is a great father. He changes diapers, he's not afraid of their crying, he's hands on. He does like his sleep, so I let him have it. I wish I could hand the baby over some nights, but I can be happy without sleep.
When people ask Ryan, "How's the baby?"
His response, "He's fine. He's a baby."
Typical 15 year-old, I guess. Don't get me wrong, he loves Britten. He gives him a kiss in the morning, before he leaves for school, and before bedtime. Ryan is a man of few words, though.  All-in-all, Ryan is well adjusted and happy to have a new little brother.
Just like his dad. Hands on! Aaron has always been my little helper with all my babies, especially the last two girls. When I have a crying baby and can't get to them real fast, Aaron is right there to help. He has changed a couple of diapers, too. His favorite thing to do is to lay a sleeping baby on his chest and play video games. He has given Britten the nick-name, The Child. It's really cute to see him with him.
Mama's helper. I've already posted about her. She is a 2nd mom to Britten. She will keep him all day long, until he throws up. Once that happens, she is turned off by the idea of having a baby. It's kind of funny to watch. She has always had a sensitive nose. i think the smell is too much for her. Other than spit-up, she's fine.
Kate seems the least interested at times, kind of like Ryan. Maybe they feel I already have enough help. It's true. I have lots of help. She comes around when no one is around. We have good talks while she holds her baby brother.
I can tell she's a little sad not to be the center of attention. She has been acting out quite a bit. it is unlike her to be naughty- choosing to be naughty, I should say. She loves it when I put her in charge of him. I di dthat today. I need to remember to do it more. I have a happier Becca when I do.
Ace (our dog):
I would say his world has been turned upside down the most. The first week he was depressed. eh wouldn't eat, or drink. I would call him to come and he wouldn't want to be by me. I made me sad. He will now sit by me when I'm holding the baby. tonight he laid down on Britten's foot. When he got close enough, he licked Britten's fist. I think he's coming around. I think he was just confused of who he was.
I'm doing great! I am tired, but don't mind. My pregnancy prepared me well. I get more sleep now than then. My mind is well. I was scared to have another baby because I had a breakdown after Becca. I had a little anxiety when he first came home, but it has taken care of itself. It's hard to not have my own time, but once I'm cleared for exercise, I know that will change. Having a post pregnancy body has probably been the biggest adjustment of all. I still feel like I got hit by a truck most days and I'm still squishy. It was hard to watch the scale go up, and not go down to where I started. I always hold on to 10 lbs, but once I quit nursing, it goes away- I hope. There is a huge difference in having a baby in your 20s vs. late 30s.
He is growing fast! I took him to the doctor the other day and he weighed in at 10 lbs 12 oz. He had gained almost 3 lbs in a month! I love to see the rolls forming on his thighs. He is starting to be awake longer. He will talk to himself. He smiles now. He wakes up once during the night to eat, usually around 3. He went on his first walk today. I twas nice to be outside in the sun. He loves to be held and luckily has enough siblings to make it happen. I'm working on that. His cranky time is from 10 am - 11 am. i still can't figure out why. Overall, he is a happy baby.
I am thankful we are all well. It feels good inside to say our family is complete. We are glad Britten is here and is healthy and thriving. There have been adjustments by all, but they have been worth it. We were due for a change- it's good for you. We look forward to all that's in store!!
one month old

first walk outside

he was excited!!

little moms

first family snapshot