Saturday, December 29, 2012


We had such a nice Christmas this year. The kids were all very excited for gifts. Every Christmas Eve we open our Christmas jamies and give a gift to Jesus. Our gift to Jesus this year was making sure we are doing REGULAR family scripture study. We have been doing really well. I'm so proud that my kids have extended it to their personal scripture study. Especially Aaron. In the month of December, he read the entire D&C and Pearl of Great Price. He told me with pride last night that he has officially read his entire triple-combination. Now, he's moving onto the Bible. All the other kids have started The Book of Mormon for a second time!
For Christmas Eve dinner, our friends offerd to smoke our pork loin in their giant smoker. Oh, was it ever good!! We had homemade mashed potatoes, sugar snap peas, and rolls on the side. It was yummy!!


We made it an early bedtime. And woke up to see that Santa had come! Everyone got what they asked for and then some! I love giving my kids the things they want. Often, when they ask for something, I have to say, "We'll see." so I find a lot of joy in seeing their faces!
Ryan wanted everything Eagles! He got a new Eagles jacket, Eagles ipod touch case, Eagles earbuds, and Eagles room decor for his bedroom. He also got a remote control helicoptor, clothes, LOTS of new PS3 video games and gift cards. We have totally entered the gift card stage!!


Aaron wanted an ipod touch, so Santa delivered!! He also got clothes, a helicoptor, and lots of video games.

Grace received a tablet. It's made by Android, so we're still trying to figure it out. She loves it! Seh begged me for a DQ Blizzard maker. We used it yeaterday and I was surprised they taste like the real deal! All my girls had another Pillow Pets Christmas. They got the Dream Lites they wanted and the Pee Wees too. She wanted new Polly Pockets- I just got rid of their whole collection because theyt sat there- i ended up only getting her a couple. She's in the weird preteen stage and goes back and forth. She also asked for new Barbie clothes. I baought them, but only because I know her sisters will use them when Grace has decided she's too big for such things!!

Kate has been using her ipod shuffle non-stop since Christmas Day!! She loves it!!! She also finally got a LaLa Loopsy boy doll. They are hard to find!! On her list was Ken in a tuxedo too, so she got it. Have you guessed that she will only play dolls if she is the boy?! We also got her a pink baseball glove and pink football. She's all boy, but PINK!

Becca wrote 5 lists to Santa this year. On every list was a Princess and the Pop Star 2-in-one Tori doll, a rainbow unicorn Dream Lite, and a unicorn Pee Wee pillow pet. that was it. And the Tori doll was nowhere to be found- not to mention it was $27 for a Barbie!!!! We ended up just letting Santa bring her Barbie on her wedding day, but 2 days before Christmas, I found a Tori doll!! IUt was even on sale!!! That went under the tree for her. When she saw what Santa had brought, she was happy, but she was really happy to unwrap her Tori doll. I loved it!!! She also got a new LaLa Loopsy doll that sings and dances. She loved that too!


Dustin and I always tell each other to not buy anything, but this year we ignored each other. He has been wanting an electric shaver for a long time, but they are so expensive! I decided to jusbite the bullet and get him one. He told me yesterday that he loves it because he can shave on his way to work!! haha It's the gift that keeps on giving!
I have wanted a new vacuum and was shocked to open my gift of a new Dyson!! We didn't really need a new one, but our kids drag our other up and down stairs. it has really taken a beating. We thought it would be great to have one for upsatirs and one for the basement.
We hope you all enjoyed the holidays! They always go by so fast! Every year I hear from my kids, "I wish it could be Christmas everyday!" I know that if it were, we wouldn't treasure them like we do. I'm grateful for the time we are ab;e to spend with family and reflect on the savior's birth. I love the whole feel of the Season!!
I took a picture to prove we had lights!!